Why Dance?

Why Dance?

Does the word ‘exercise’ put you off?

Maybe for some, but not when used in the context of Ballroom, Latin or Sequence dancing … it’s much, much more!

  • So, what health benefits do YOU and your body gain from Dancing’?   Well for a start it can be:
    • a low impact activity with dances such as the romantic Rumba or the wonderful Slow Waltz.  Dance keeps you moving, the blood circulating and visiting muscles it may not have reached properly for a long time, or
    • a cardio work-out from the faster dances like the Quickstep and Jive, due to its faster pace.
  • What about the memory?  Ever walked into a room or gone upstairs and wondered just why you’re there?  Well, there are no guarantees but learning a dance amalgamation can make you think, thus stimulating the brain and allow you to absorb the tuition.  It can promote the ability to ‘recall’ steps of the routine in a matter of seconds.
  • All dance styles are taught through demonstration and we break instruction down into bite size, easy to understand, pieces.  Repetition is the key to learning and teaching methods are supplemented with hand-outs.  So if you can’t quite recall that pesky step we’ll find the right way to help you out!
  • Well that’s the body dealt with but what about YOU and the social side?  How many times have you said or heard the words ‘There’s nothing on TV tonight!’.  Learning to dance opens up a new life-changing chapter.  You’ll get to know your fellow students and before you realise it they become friends.
  • You’ll find the Ballroom and Latin social dance scene is vast, with some events being run by Jenny’s Dancing Jems in Essex, and for those who don’t mind travelling that little bit further afield there’s plenty of dances for you to visit too.
  • Now, you’ve learnt to dance … what next?   How about a Ballroom and Latin American dance holiday?  You’ll find lots hosted in the UK and abroad, either on land or cruising.


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In a nutshell, learn to dance and embroider yet more stiches on life’s rich tapestry!