FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do I wear to my class?
A1. Clothing: generally it’s anything you’re comfortable in.  Gents: wear neat trousers or jeans with either T-shirt or normal shirt.  Ladies: trousers, jeans, dress or skirt and top. If you wear a skirt/dress please make sure its wide enough at the hem line as you need to have unrestricted movement when performing the steps and obviously not too long as you could trip up.  If possible please do not wear tracksuit bottoms or shorts.  Tip:  When you go to a social dance it would be better to avoid wearing jeans, stick to smart tailored trousers.  Footwear is another matter.  Wear any outdoor shoe with a sole that allows the dancer to turn easily i.e. a shoe with a leather sole.  Do not wear trainers or any shoe that has a rubber sole as these will stick to the floor preventing easy movement.  In an extreme case you may suffer injury to the ankle, knee, hip, back etc. so please bear this in mind when choosing your footwear.  Ladies would be advised to wear a shoe with a closed in toe, for obvious reasons, it hurts if you get trodden on or accidentally kicked!  It’s also a good idea to wear a shoe with a closed in heel in order to give good support to the ankle.  Also a shoe with a slight heel as it will pitch you gently forward towards your partner for a more comfortable dance position.
Q2. What is the age range? Will I fit in?
A2. For a long time the art of dancing has been enjoyed by all ages but it would be fair to say that if we asked someone in the street ‘How old do you think people are who enjoy Ballroom and Latin dancing’, we know ‘Joe Public’ will assume it was something only people in their late 50’s/60’s or retirees take part in. Not so! – Since TV exposure programmes like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ the public have become very interested to learn the art of dancing.  We are very pleased to say that our classes consist of students of all ages, ranging from 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and some in their 60’s.  It’s no longer a dance form for the older generation.  All ages are now experiencing the pleasure of learning to dance.  Whether it be in a large group or private lesson basis, students learn to laugh when they get it wrong, take a deep breath and start again – succeeding in the end!  Students discover a whole new social group, thereby adding a new chapter in life’s rich tapestry.  If the bug bites you’ll find you’ll not be stuck in on a Saturday night but out at a dance, enjoying a beer or two, dancing when you want and a chance to bring you closer to friends and maybe even your partner, if you’re lucky!  If you’re on your own you have a chance to meet new friends and fellow dancers. So in answer to the above question : Yes, you will easily fit in whatever your age!
Q3. What can I expect to learn?
A3. Classes are currently divided into Beginners (Level 1), The Inbetweenies (Level 1.5), The Next Steps (Level 2) and Advanced (Level 3).  Beginners will learn the basics of all dances, the do’s and don’ts on the dance floor, the correct hold and a number of basic steps to get you around the floor.You will ‘walk’ in and ‘dance’ out!   The Inbetweenies will have covered the raw basics and need a few simple steps to increase their knowledge and confidence. You will ‘dance’ in and ‘dance’ out with more confidence!   The Next Steps will have the chance to learn a number of easy step amalgamations in all dances.These are routines that can be used when going out socially and you will feel comfortable dancing.You will dance in but dance out with a little more flare!  Advanced lessons will cover all dances, basics and more technical knowledge and more demanding amalgamations. You will leave the class with all the above, confidence, poise, awareness of your fellow dancers and more challenging steps.
Q4. Will there be a partner for me?
A4. Always a tricky question to answer.  With no wish to mislead it would be true to say that generally there are more women than men wanting to dance.  Having said that, our classes experience an increasing number of gents of all ages who want to learn to dance. Once they have taken the plunge and come along for a few lessons usually the bug bites and they take to the art like ducks to water.  So if you’re a fella our advice is ‘Give it a go!’, you’ll enjoy it and it will boost your confidence, if you need it.  For the ladies, don’t give up, come along, even if when you visit there are not enough partners, we ensure you get as much tuition as can be given.  Everyone will walk in but be assured you will dance out!