” .. we have always enjoyed our dancing lessons with Jenny they are professionally done and most pleasant.  Her teaching is very clear and precise.  Always a pleasure!..”   Ray and Sandie

”  Jenny’s classes are always enjoyable and filled with humour.  She teaches sequences of steps that you can use at a dance, so from the start you can go out and not feel silly.  Jenny puts on social dances throughout the year, the masquerade ball was an event not to be missed and new friends were made (we even recognised them afterwards with the masks off).    We are looking forward to next year. … ”  Sue & Ian B

“Wife persuaded me that we should have a shared hobby when we both retired  on my 60th birthday and she found ‘Jenny’s Jems’ dance school. We started nervously but Jen and her friends made us very welcome from the first night and we have had countless hours, days and weeks of pleasure at lessons, social dances, dance breaks and cruise holidays over the last eight years and have made a number of great friends along the way. Dancing challenges are helping to keep us fit in mind as well as body and learning to dance – even if we will never be very good – is amongst the very best things that we could have done. Many many thanks Jen – for being a great teacher and friend!”   Terry & Pam

“..when my husband suggested going to dancing lessons, I had no idea what to expect as I was a complete beginner. We both wanted to learn how to dance so that we could get up on the dance floor at social occasions. Well learning to dance with Jennie has exceeded all expectations! I would never thought that i would be able to learn these dances, but I have, and have really enjoyed getting on the dance floor at so many different occasions. I can really recommend the lessons as they are taught very well, step by step, in an encouraging atmosphere, where you really do feel at ease. We really enjoy the social events that Jenny and her team organise, there was a Masked ball and a Jubilee dance to name but a few. I would like to say that I feel at ease coming by myself if my husband is away, so come by yourself or with someone and you will have fun. Thank you Jenny for opening up such an enjoyable new avenue for us both!       Helen & Russell

“Jenny is a thorough and patient teacher.  When my husband suggested that we join Jenny’s class, I was very nervous and tensed but with Jenny’s excellent coaching, I gained confidence rapidly and I now enjoying it very much.   We would recommend any one thinking about taking the first step on the dance floor to come along.”   Agnes & Mark

“We first started to learn to dance after the children were going out more than ourselves and from the very first time at class, we were made welcome. Since that time (many years ago) we have continued to attend lessons on a fairly regular basis, as learning different dances and routines is fun and relaxed when taught by Jenny.  Another fun activity organised by Jenny are the themed social events, Halloween or Royal events! which provide an opportunity to dress up and have fun and to practise “Dancing”. Thank you Jenny for providing such brilliant times!”  Mike & Audrey

“Linda and I starting dancing because it was something we could do together, and as a way of making new friends. Your classes gave us such a good start, and the practice sessions and Saturday social dances really made us feel as if we’d joined a new social circle. Since then we’ve made many new friends and still enjoy your social dances just as much. The classes were only the beginning- it’s the whole package that really made the difference and kept us going- so thank you for giving us this new dimension to our social life. We could go to a dance just about anywhere and we’d meet people that started with Jenny’s Dancing Jems!”    David Woods

“Jenny’s lessons aren’t just about having a fun dance class, there are also regular practice evenings and social events to help you on your way!”  M & G

“Rather late in life, Margaret and I discovered cruise holidays, and found that dancing was a significant feature of the evening entertainment. We started Jenny’s classes to be able to join in. We are now able to participate fully in social dances, and have also realised the benefits of physical and memory exercise and the pleasure of something we do together. Additionally, dancing has enabled us to make new friends and has opened up a whole new social sphere that we did not knew existed, so many thanks to you Jenny.” Margaret and Chris.

“We would like to say that your Sequence Dance classes have been really excellent. You break it down to easy ‘chunks’ and the instructions have been very good. Although we have been doing Ballroom and Latin dancing for quite some time we hadn’t done any sequence dancing before. Having attended your lessons we can now do several Sequence dances and able to participate in these at various dances.  We can recommend your lessons to beginners and those who have done some dancing.

Your social dances are thoroughly enjoyable and very good value for money.  The special events like the Masquerade Ball were great fun. We hope to attend as much as possible.”  J & C