Popular Sequence

Popular Sequence

Popular sequence tends to be a mix of popular modern sequence and classical sequence – old time dances played at social dance events. The favourites are:

Mayfair Quickstep Sally Ann Cha Cha Square Tango
Balmoral Blues Tango Serida Viennese Swing
Waltz Catherine Rumba One Queen of Hearts Rumba
Cindy Swing Saunter Together Lilac Waltz
Melody Foxtrot White City Waltz Argentine Stroll
Ballentine Bossa Nova

We give instruction in these dances throughout the year. If you would like to register your interest please email us.

The above dances are arranged in 16 bar groups. The beauty of sequence dancing is that once you’ve learnt the group you repeat it until the last note of music. Sequence dancing is a crowd pleaser, particularly the well-liked ones and the floor is usually full.

Modern sequence also comprises newly created scripts and there are at least three new sequence dances produced each month! Although we do not teach the new scripts there are dedicated modern sequence classes around who do.

What can I expect from a Popular Sequence Class?

You will be taught one of the well-loved sequence dances from an official script. Each dance is usually taught in one session but sometimes if the dance is a little complex it may be split over two sessions. You will have the opportunity to practise your new found knowledge.

At the end of your sequence lesson you should have enough information to be able to use it at your next social dance. In adding a sequence dance to your repertoire you will have the ability to take part in many more dances throughout the evening.

Next scheduled sequence class?
Date Duration Time Venue
11 May Weekly 7.30-8.30pm West Horndon Village Hall, Station Road, West Horndon, Essex CM13 3TR. Pre-knowledge of basic figures is essential. Places need to be pre-booked. This course is three weeks long and is paid weekly. Tuition to be confirmed nearer the scheduled date.  Please ring or email to check availability.
(Tuition also scheduled for 8 Jun and 29 Jun each course will run for 2 weeks.  Dances to be confirmed).

If you’re interested in learning popular sequence call us on 01268-762626 to find out more or email.